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Early in their ministry, Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory recognized the power of mass media in proclaiming the good news of salvation to millions.  Thus, in 1982, they stepped out in bold faith, launched JIL’s Multimedia ministry and started the “Jesus the Healer” TV weekly program.  The results were amazing: enormous numbers of people were exposed to the Gospel and multitudes came to the Lord and began attending JIL services.  Bro. Eddie saw the effectiveness of TV as a medium for reaching whole cities and nations for Jesus!

In 1984, in obedience to a word from God, Bro. Eddie started negotiations for the acquisition of Channel 11, the rights of which were owned by a very committed Christian businessman.  It was a quest that took about 14 long years to finish.  It will take a whole book to chronicle the staggering yet exciting struggle for Channel 11 – the miraculous Hand of God that was evident all throughout, the surprising turns and twists and the intense spiritual battle.  Bro. Eddie knew that if the vision for Channel 11 was from God, ultimately, the victory would be at hand.  Finally, on April 12, 1998, Channel 11 was dedicated for the glory of God.  Even now, plans are already afoot on how to beam Gospel programs to the whole of Asia.

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