Bro. Eddie’s Principles in Ministry

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  1. The Jesus Is Lord Church is born from the very heart of GOD.
    The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the sole Owner of the JIL Ministry. Brother Eddie and all JIL pastors and leaders are mere stewards of the LORD. Thus, nobody can ever destroy or abolish the JIL Ministry from the surface of the earth without first contending against the Living GOD.
  2. No one is indispensable in the Ministry except JESUS CHRIST.
    All pastors and leaders may be removed from the Ministry if they choose to become traitors to GOD and to the VISION entrusted to the Ministry.
  3. No one is being forced to serve in the Ministry.
    If a pastor no longer believes and trusts the JIL Leadership, he/she should leave in peace, for GOD’s exit door is widely open for him/her.  JIL Church only welcomes those who are CALLED, CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL.
  4. All JIL pastors and leaders must be seekers and living testimonies of GOD’S Visions and Biblical Principles.
    All JIL pastors and leaders must know and learn by heart the glorious Visions that GOD has entrusted to the JIL Ministry as well as the Biblical Principles which Brother Eddie has imbibed from his daily devotion of GOD’s Word. Careful study of these Visions and Principles will assure their glorious prophetic destiny.
  5. All JIL pastors and leaders must be visionary people of GOD.
    The JIL people must be people who renew, review and internalize in their hearts and minds, write, declare and speak, and most of all, live by the GOD-given visions of JIL as they serve in the Ministry.  They must do their best to help fulfill the Mission, Vision and Core Values (MVV) GOD has given to the JIL Ministry. They must also keep in mind that even if their bones and bodies be pulverized, these are not enough to pay for the supreme sacrifice that CHRIST has done for them on the Cross.
  6. Every JIL pastor and leader must make it his/her mission to constantly be GOD’s faithful servant.
    A JIL pastor must constantly remind himself/herself that GOD can always raise up the right people to fulfill His Glorious Mission and Vision for the Glorious ministry of the JIL. Therefore, he/she must endeavor to be faithful to GOD and His mandate in order to avoid disqualification in the ministry. He/She must not in anyway hinder the fulfillment of the JIL Mission and Vision.
  7. No one should seek money, fame or power in the Ministry.
    If a pastor or leader just wants to gain money, he/she should not look for money in the ministry and must rather go to business; if he/she wants popularity, earthly honor or applause of men, he/she should enter show business or the entertainment world; if he/she wants power per se and authority over men, he/she should enter politics. However, Christians should not abandon GOD’S will for His people to do great exploits in business, politics and in all sectors of the entire society as part of GOD’S Kingdom Dominion mandate to the Church.
  8. All JIL pastors and leaders must have integrity in money and all possessions.
    No pastor or leader should have undue interest over GOD’s money, resources, assets and properties in the JIL Ministry, not even Brother Eddie, who is the principal protector and trustee of GOD with regard to these resources.
  9. Every JIL pastor and leader must stand firm against all forms of temptation.
    No JIL pastor or leader, who has allowed himself/herself to be trapped by the devil in the lust of the flesh and greed for money and power, can remain a worker of the JIL Ministry.
  10. Any form of discrimination without God’s justification is injustice and must therefore be rejected.
    No JIL pastor or leader must initiate even tolerate any form of partiality in the Church, family and society. He/she must always be a zealous proponent of equality and justice, following the perfect example of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  11. The quality of our life in eternity depends on the quality of our obedience and faithfulness in serving GOD here on earth.
    No JIL pastor or leader must sell his/her eternal rewards in exchange for any amount of money and even the entire wealth of this world. He/she must always remember and live out the words of Bro. Eddie: “This world is too poor to buy my convictions and principles.”

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